Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Food & Fine Chemicals: Efficiently control and manage your production with M.E.S. solutions

We’re delighted to invite you to explore the essential role of MES solutions in the food and fine chemicals industries during an exclusive, free webinar.

MES solutions for managing and controlling production activities in the food and fine chemicals industries.

At the heart of your production activities, you’re no stranger to the importance of MES solutions. But are you fully aware of their potential to meet the specific challenges facing the food and fine chemicals industries?

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Le mercredi 05 juin 2024

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De 11h00 à 12h00


Introduction to the concept of MES, its challenges and its implementation in the food and fine chemicals industries.

Overview of the different branches and components of MES solutions

Production: Planning, management of production orders and batches, supervision and use of collected data.

Quality : Regulatory compliance (DGCCRF, IFS, BRC, FDA, BPF, ISO 22000, HACCP…), quality controls, central weighing, compliance with tolerances, quantitative and qualitative traceability, follow-up and completion of batch records, overdosing.

Equipment: Management of control resources (PLC interface, tank and mixer management) and maintenance.

Documentation: Management of documents, standards, MSDSs and ranges

Indication of possible interfaces with the machines and the various connections linked to your IT environment (ERP, GPAO, LIMS CQ…).

Discussion on the future of MES: Future prospects and innovations

Our TEEXMA® for MES solution

Transform your business with MES solutions!

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