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On the basis of the Guide to Good Practice concerning the modalities of internal metrological control to be carried out by packers and importers of prepackaged products

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In 2014, the DGCCRF noted that, since 2004, the non-compliance rate observed during inspections had been close to 20%. That’s why we’ve published a guide setting out the best internal control practices for producing compliant batches.

Our support services help manufacturers to better understand the challenges of these regulations and help them to apply the guide, for optimum production quality.

The operator station allows the operator to be assisted during controls and to retrieve values directly from the measuring instrument.

The Checkprod system enables operators to monitor and control their checks. Thanks to its connection to the information system, Checkprod can retrieve and export data from the ERP and guide the operator in his control to comply with current regulations (DGCCRF Guide, CFR Part11…). This saves time and money by eliminating the need to re-enter information.

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Our consulting services are designed to provide fast, concrete answers to your production and packaging challenges.

  • Application of metrology principles to prepackaged products
  • Compliance with the DGCCRF Guide and related regulations
  • Compliance with ISO 9001, ISO 22000, and standards such as IFS, BRC…

The different fields of application :

General provisions concerning internal metrological controls

Control requirements of the DGCCRF guide

Types of control (100% or sampling)

Process centering threshold and machine capability

Assessment of defects and super-defects

Control cards

Tare analysis (Variability, value control)

Statistical control by sampling

Metrology of weighing instruments

Legal metrology applied to NAWIs

Legal metrology applied to IPFA

Calculation of defect and super-defect thresholds

Connecting checkweighers to information systems

Recommendations for non-conforming batches

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We inform you that the data entered in this form will be used by our services to respond to your request.