The ERELIA company launches its new “E.Diag” service for all French manufacturers of pre-packaged products. The company ERELIA has reached a new milestone after participating in the DGCCRF working group on the Guide des bonnes pratiques concernant le contrôle des produits préemballés. Following a period of testing, this new “E.Diag” service meets the new expectations of manufacturers (food, cosmetics, etc.), as it enables them to obtain a complete, detailed and independent diagnosis of the self-tests carried out on a batch of pre-packaged products.


In recent years, the inspection services have noted a lack of control over the packaging process for batches of pre-packaged products, leading to high levels of non-compliance. The complexity of the regulations as perceived by manufacturers prompted ERELIA to design the “E.Diag” service to capitalize on its 27 years of expertise in this field. “We are delighted to launch the “E.Diag” service, a further step in our drive to support manufacturers in all sectors in the prepackaged sector. This service guarantees experienced support from our company to ensure compliance with the best practices of the DGCCRF guide for pre-packaged products. It’s a unique concept aimed at all those (whether or not they own our ERELIA software) who want to comply with regulations,” explains Philippe LHOSTE, Managing Director of ERELIA.

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