Improve business process control with automatic connection of measuring instruments
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The use of measuring instruments is an essential element in business process control. As Erelia offers a system for controlling weight regulations, the company quickly turned its attention to the automatic acquisition of data from scales and other weight-measuring instruments.

The extension of our software range beyond weight control has naturally led us to connect to other types of instruments:

Phmeters, colorimeters, infrared dryers, etc…

Direct connection to the instruments means faster, more controlled checks and eliminates input errors.

Communication with an instrument can take many forms, using a wide variety of protocols and data interrogation methods.

For this
has been implementing a fully customizable connection system for years, capable of extracting the relevant information from a data stream.

The system can also be used to control instruments to improve productivity and the user experience:
Taring scales, programming sorter product sheet, launching Phmeter test, etc…

Thanks to all this, our systems are highly appreciated by our customers, enabling them to achieve optimum performance.

This connection processing module is available in all ERELIA products:

CheckProd, Mixing Pack, MES BASSETTI

Do you have a project to digitize and exploit the data from your measuring instruments? (Scales, checkweighers, pH meters, etc.). ERELIA, a subsidiary of the BASSETTI group, has been specializing in prepackaged product metrology for over 30 years. You can get in touch with usOur experts will be happy to meet your needs.