Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Connect your HACCP risk management
to your production quality controls

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Find out how to make life easier for your Quality and Food Safety teams, and guarantee compliance with regulations: ISO 22000-2018, IFS, SQF, BRC,…

  • Guarantee compliance with ISO 22000, standards and regulations
  • Involve teams in HACCP analyses , highlighting monitoring and non-conformity points right up to their control/monitoring in the field.
  • Centralize data from multi-make control devices
  • Formalize agri-food risks – action plan – paperless
  • Record control data via a dedicated man-machine interface
  • Start quality controls from the latest version of HACCP monitoring, based on current production orders in your ERP system.
  • Monitor sensitive characteristics resulting from monitoring formalized during the HACCP process
  • Support operators in defining control operations in line with regulations (e.g. DGCCRF)
  • Report control results on request in direct relation to the HACCP plan
  • React quickly to isolate/block batches
  • Update monitoring documents/good practices in line with analyses and controls
  • Fuel your continuous improvement with consolidated analyses of your control data
  • Reduce production drift with HACCP field analysis (tablet mode)
  • Improve your HACCP analyses by tracking the construction of your studies (audit, PRP, PRPo) over time.
  • HACCP and CHECKPROD software at a glance

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