The training organization ERELIA, with a registered business number SIRET 348012428 00036 and its headquarters located at 99 route de Versailles, 91160 Champlan, organizes and provides professional training courses. Its activity as a training provider is registered with the DIRECCTE d’EVRY under number B 348 012 428; however, this registration does not constitute approval by the state.


The Client’s signature of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale (hereinafter referred to as « GTC ») implies their full and complete acceptance. The GTC take precedence over any other document of the Client, and in particular over all general terms and conditions of purchase, except for any specific framework agreement or commercial agreement made with the client. All other documents of ERELIA, such as brochures, catalogs, have only indicative value. The fact that ERELIA does not rely on any of these conditions at any given time cannot be interpreted as a waiver of the right to rely on them later.


You have the option to register by email at the address Your registration will be confirmed upon receipt of the training agreement or contract as well as these GTC duly signed and bearing a commercial stamp (if possible). For distance learning courses, it is the participant’s responsibility to ensure that their computer equipment is properly configured before the training within the specified deadlines.


CANCELLATION / REPLACEMENT – To be considered, any cancellation must be communicated in writing. Participant replacements are allowed at any time, free of charge, provided that ERELIA is notified by email at and provided with the names and contact details of the replacement(s) no later than the day before the training.

You have the right to cancel a registration free of charge provided that ERELIA is notified by email with acknowledgment of receipt at, received no later than fourteen [14] calendar days before the date of the training.

In case of cancellation received less than fourteen [14] calendar days before the date of the training (or the first module for a cycle or distance learning course), the full amount of the registration fee is due to ERELIA. Any training course that the participant did not attend or only partially attended is due in full.


All prices are quoted exclusive of taxes. They will be increased by the applicable taxes and duties.

Our prices include the training, the educational documentation provided during the training, and the electronic files made available if applicable. For any questions regarding our pricing conditions, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service by email at In case of payment made by an OPCO (French organization for the financing of vocational training), the financing agreement from your OPCO must be sent to us as soon as possible. If ERELIA has not received the financing agreement, you will be invoiced for the entire cost of the training. In case of partial coverage by the OPCO, the non-covered portion will be invoiced directly to you.

Any invoice not paid on the due date shall automatically bear interest at the interest rate applied by the European Central Bank to its most recent refinancing operation, plus 10 (ten) points. In case of non-payment of a single invoice on its due date, the entire amount due by the Client will become immediately payable.

Any invoice collected by our legal services will be increased, as a non-reducible penalty clause within the meaning of article 1229 of the French Civil Code, by a fixed compensation equal to 15 (fifteen) % of the amount of sums due.


The employer, or as the case may be the participant, undertakes to take out and maintain during the training period a civil liability insurance covering bodily, material, immaterial, direct and indirect damages that may be caused by their actions or those of their employees to the detriment of ERELIA or the participants. They also undertake to take out and maintain a civil liability insurance that also designates ERELIA as the insured party for any harmful actions caused by their employees to third parties, and containing a waiver of recourse clause, so that ERELIA cannot be sought or questioned.

National Institute of Consumption's right to control

ERELIA reserves the right, if the number of participants in a training is deemed insufficient on a pedagogical level, to cancel the training no later than fourteen (14) calendar days before the scheduled date. ERELIA reserves the right to postpone the training, change the location of its delivery, the content of its program or to replace a facilitator if circumstances beyond its control require it.

ERELIA reserves the right, without any compensation of any kind:

  • To refuse any registration or access to a Client who is not up to date with their payments.
  • To exclude any participant who has made false statements during registration, without compensation.
Intellectual Property

Dans le cadre du respect des droits de propriété intellectuelle attachés aux supports de cours ou autres ressources pédagogiques mis à la seule disposition des participants de la formation, le Client s’interdit de reproduire, directement ou indirectement, en totalité ou en partie, d’adapter, de modifier, de traduire, de représenter, de commercialiser ou de diffuser à des membres de son personnel non participants aux formations ERELIA ou à des tiers, les dits supports et ressources pédagogiques sans l’autorisation expresse, préalable et écrite de ERELIA ou de ses ayants droit.

Data Protection and Privacy

As part of the respect for the intellectual property rights attached to the course materials or other pedagogical resources made available solely to the participants of the training, the Client undertakes not to reproduce, directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, adapt, modify, translate, represent, commercialize or disseminate to members of its staff who are not participants in ERELIA’s training or to third parties, the said course materials and pedagogical resources without the express, prior and written authorization of ERELIA or its rights holders.

Applicable law

JURISDICTION This agreement is governed by French law.

In the event of a dispute over the interpretation or execution of any of these provisions, and failing an amicable agreement between the parties, the commercial court of the registered office of the training organization will be the only competent jurisdiction.

ERELIA's General Sales Conditions

General Sales Conditions